Our ambitious vision: Make your gift memorable!


Everybody loves to look for gifts for loved ones, for relatives and friends. We believe that there are many people who have the same problem like us,  it is often difficult to find something suitable that doesn't  just stand around somewhere gathering dust.

But what does it mean to give gifts?

From our point of view, it's about

· Giving a real and lasting memory to them

· Surprising them

· Touching them

· Make them laugh and

Being very close to your loved ones and thus to remain memorable.


And that was exactly the trigger for our innovation, namely to enhance gifts with touching emotions (whether it is vouchers or household aids, billets, etc.) .


In order to realize this vision, HALLOTAG developed an overall solution consisting of

· A free Hallotag app and

· A system conforming to an NFC Hallotag sticker


With the help of the free app, emotional videos, audios, images and texts can be easily recorded contactless.



The one for whom the gift is meant

·           DOES NOT need to download an app

·           DOES NOT need to start any app

They simply hold the back of his mobile phone to the sticker and the fabulous winter video or the grandchildeb songs are automatically displayed and played.

At this moment the gift is connected to the touching emotions of the winter video, the lovely child's songs. The gift remains memorable.


The development was based on the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and is therefore very easy to use for EVERY age group.


From the beginning it was very important for us that we rely on 100% Austrian added value, from conception and development, graphic design and marketing to production. In the fabrication of the sticker, we work together with Austrian social institutions who manufacture the stickers with enthusiasm.


The development of the Hallotag system started in 2017. In 2019, a number of test phases were executed in the market to make the system ready for the market. At the beginning of 2020 Hallotag was ready for the market and we started online sales in Austria, UK, BRD, DK.

For business partners we developed additional features that are useful for the business partner. We cooperate with, among others, ÖsterreichischenPost AG and wellness gift provider Wellcard.


The company, based in Graz, Austria, has set itself the goal of making Hallotag the global market leader in the field of multimedia stickers.


With a team of 15 experienced engineers, graphic artists, social media experts, social institutions and in close cooperation with the Technical University of Graz, we are already working on future innovations for our vision: "Make your gift memorable"

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