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What are the advantages of Hallotag over other scanning technologies?

o No app needs to be installed or started to read the Hallotag sticker.

o The Hallotag sticker cannot be duplicated by simply photo copying it.

o The Hallotag sticker can be "privatized / encrypted" and only be played back by the person for who the sticker is intended.

o Optical scanning technologies cannot read the scan area anymore due to e.g. dirt, scratches or vandalism.

o The Hallotag sticker can be graphically designed with impressive designs, depending on the customer's wishes.

o Data can be stored directly on the Hallotag sticker


Do I need to register to download the Hallotag app?

NO, the app can be "downloaded" for free from the App Store without entering registration data.


Can the sticker be scanned without an app?

YES, practically all Android smart phones support NFC. Android devices are delivered with an activated NFC interface by default. You can activate or deactivate the interface in the settings / connections.

On iPhone models newer than iPhone 6, the NFC interface is activated by default and cannot be deactivated. For older iPhone models (7,8,X), please install the Hallotag app to scan the sticker and start the VIEW function to view the multimedia elements.

For iPhone models (Xs, 11, 12,…..) there is not app needed the scan the sticker.


Do you need an Internet connection to play or scan?



How many multimedia elements can be added to the sticker?

Currently 6 images, 1 video, 1 audio and a text message can be added to the sticker.


Can the sticker be used a second time?

When creating the sticker, you have the option of replacing selected multimedia elements with new ones. As soon as the sticker has been created with the final elements and you press the "FINALIZE" button, changes are no longer possible.


Can the sticker be privatized/encrypted for a specific person?

YES, the sticker can be encrypted for a specific person using the "PRIVATE" function so that only that specific person can scan the sticker. The function "PRIVATE" can be found in the menu on the top right corner ⁞ when creating the sticker.


Can the sticker be applied to all materials?

YES, except on metallic surfaces.


Can I answer the "Creator" of the sticker directly when the sticker is scanned?

YES, you can use the “ANSWER” function to reply directly to the “creator” of the sticker.


How do I find the appropriate NFC scanning position on the rear side of my phone?

On iPhone models, the scanning position is on the upper edge of the rear side of your phone.

For Samsung devices, depending on the model the scanning position is located either on the upper edge or in the middle area of the rear side of your phone.

On Huawei devices, the scanning position is on the upper edge of the rear side of your phone.


What is the required scanning distance?

You should hold the appropriate scan position at the rear side of your phone at a distance of less than 1 cm to the sticker.


Can multimedia elements from the gallery be used?

Yes, you either use multimedia elements from the gallery or the elements are recorded live when you add them to the sticker using the Hallotag app.


How do I get a sticker?

The stickers are available in all Austrian post offices or in the webshop (www.hallotag.com).


Where are the stickers made?

In Austria with the help of social institutions. We rely on local value creation.


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